Saturday, April 5, 2014

Waffles and pancakes.... gateway drugs

Everyday I see the media catching on to the fact that sugar and flour are the drugs that are making us all fat. Today Dr Mercola had a good article entitled "Why do we overeat?"

This morning my daughter made these homemade sugar cinnamon waffles. They smelled and looked so good, the addictive part of my brain said "what's the harm, I'll have one." But she's seen my struggles and knows about my addiction so told me not to - forbid me - to have one. I was glad to have her support...

You might ask why I would let her make waffles. I have to live in a world where these foods are everywhere so I can't base my success on other people's choices. These uneaten waffles are still sitting on the table and fortunately I have no physical cravings, I just know I would like the taste.

Waffles and pancakes are gateways drugs to full-blown sugar binging for me. Its been two weeks since I've had any sugar (I had one piece of bread so a little flour) and I feel a lot better and have lost 15lbs.  I still have a long way to go but am not going to give up!!

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Sugar is eight times as addictive as cocaine!

Dr Mark Hyman (Wellness Center, Lenox and author of The Blood Sugar Solution 10-Day
Detox Diet) states: "Being addicted to sugar and flour is not an emotional eating disorder. It’s a biological disorder, driven by hormones and neurotransmitters that fuel sugar and carb cravings — leading to uncontrolled overeating."

This 1000% describes me and my struggle with sugar! It's nice to hear Doctors confirm what I've known... that my tries at eating sugar in moderation don't work. See Dr Hyman's TOP 10 BIG IDEAS... the 10 commandments of the detox.

I haven't been doing well in my attempts to detox - keep having setbacks as sweets are put in my path but I am not giving up. Today is day 4 and I was able to bring a few cookies home for my son without caring to eat any... not much willpower needed. The longest I went sugar free was 3 years but when I tried to reintroduce it the cravings came back and I let them take over and it led to weight gain.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Detox from Sugar

I haven't had any sugar (or white flour) for 10 days! I am back on the wagon as they say and it's amazing how much willpower I have now that it's out of my body. There were Milky Way bars behind me at work and I never even thought about them. That would have been impossible if there was sugar in my system.

A very well respected Dr and author has a new book coming out - how to detox from sugar and lose 10 pounds in 10 days. I actually lost 10 pounds in 7 days by giving up sugar, white flour and processed foods. I like the nutrition of Isagenix IsaLean Pro. I like that more Dr are coming out with this information. Sugar addiction is very real and is causing our population to be overweight and sick. 


Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Celebrities using BP Cleanse, Master Cleanse

When I saw that John Green was doing the bpcleanse (BluePrint Cleanse), I had to check it out. My daughter is a HUGE fan of his and so I've read his books and know more than I need to know about the casting, filming and upcoming release of FIOS, not to mention that I had to buy her a Pizza John hoodie for Christmas and take her to Carnegie Hall last Jan. to see his show (which was great by the way and so I started following him on Facebook).

So if John likes bp I had to see what it was about... from what I can see it's a juice cleanse (although organic and pure, so that's a plus). It is relatively expensive so that's a negative. So, for people who like to do research and are thinking of doing a cleanse... before you buy the bpcleanse, check out Isagenix Cleanse for Life. You can order the 9-day program and get all your money back - less shipping - if you aren't satisfied so there's nothing to lose, except fat (shameless pun). Ask me if you want help or order directly from

As I've said before, awareness of cleansing is good. I hear more and more celebrities talking about it and many people will follow what celebrities are doing. Yolanda from RHOBH (who I love on the show) is always talking about the Master Cleanse. I love the lemon juice aspect but the antioxidants and adaptations in Isagenix blow it away. Of course there are celebrities and many professional athletes using Isagenix, so which one is best? Do the research on the ingredients and make your own decision.

P.S. my daughter would be really mad at me for talking about John on my blog but she'll never know because she never reads my blog - serves her right because she is not letting me read the novel she wrote for nanowrimo!

Monday, December 9, 2013

November was a horrible month!!

November was a disaster because I let white flour and carbs back in my diet to the extent that it led to sugar. So I struggled the whole month trying to get back on track. 

Thankfully, I have been sugar-free for six days so today when two dozen Dunkin' Donuts came in to the office - literally the same ones as in the this photo - I didn't have any cravings and was able to sit four feet away from them all day without even thinking about it.

It would be great if I could just have a bite or 1/2 of a donut but that isn't how it works when you have an addiction to something. At this point my goal is to get back to the 48lb loss by the end of the year.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Trick or Treat!

I have let carbs back in my life and it's a slippery slope!! Funny how I can feel the cravings... 

bad foods calling my name, jumping in my path like a zombie in a haunted house.

We trick ourselves by believing that these "treats" live up to their name as something positive.

So it was a good time for this post to be on my Facebook page.

LOVE Food Matters - words to live by! 

Sunday, October 20, 2013


I follow Mark Hyman, a renown Dr who has a wellness clinic in Lenox, MA and is recognized as a leader in natural health and functional medicine.

He has10 tips for eating the cure and this is pretty much what I've been following.

In the last few weeks I've eaten some white flour and noticed that my body did not feel as good afterwards.

Dr Hyman also has a book called The Blood Sugar Solution and he educates people on why covering up a symptom with a drug is not the ultimate solution.